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VMware Horizon View 6 Ultimate Bootcamp Course Information

Course Length: 4 Days

If you wanted to be an expert of a certain technology, would you rather learn that technology from the engineers who wrote it or from award winning masters of the technology who use it in live business situations day in and day out?

The VMware Horizon View™ 6 Ultimate Bootcamp classes are taught by real administrators who have achieved top accreditation and have the real life experience you are looking for. Our industry leading training courses have turned thousands of IT Professionals into the valuable assets their companies desperately need.

Receive comprehensive training in 4 days for less money with our skill-building, hands-on training course that delves deeply into the VMware Horizon View™ Suite with emphasis on VMware View™ version 6.

Get the real-world experience you need and have come to expect from an Ultimate Bootcamp®!

Course Objectives

  • Learn the powerful new features of View 6
  • Learn about 3rd party tools and applications which simplify processes and make your job easier
  • Install and configure VMware View components
    • Create dedicated and floating desktop pools
    • Configure virtual desktops for printing, USB redirection, and multimedia redirection
    • Configure Persona Management for advanced roaming profiles
    • Configure authentication using devices such as smart cards and RSA SecureID
    • Use VMware View Composer to deploy and manage linked clone virtual desktops
  • Get an in-depth look at VMware® ThinApp™

Intended Audience

System administrators and system integrators experienced with VMware vSphere™ 4.1 or 5.x who are responsible for their organization’s deployment of VMware® technology for virtual desktop infrastructure.


Sample VMware Horizon View 6 Ultimate Bootcamp Course Outline

Chapter 1:  Course Introduction and Methodology

Chapter 2:  Overview of VMware View™

  • Topic 1:  VMware Horizon Suite Components
  • Topic 2:  VMware View™ 6 components
  • Topic 3:  VMware Horizon and View Licensing and requirements.

Chapter 3:  Planning, Sizing and Design Considerations

  • Topic 1:  VMware View™ Reference Architecture
  • Topic 2:  Other Architecture Briefs
  • Topic 3:  Design Process

Chapter 4:  Installation of VMware View™

  • Topic 1:  Installation Overview
  • Topic 2:  Installing Connection Server HOL
  • Topic 3:  Installing Composer HOL
  • Topic 4:  Configuring View Manager HOL

Chapter 5:  Creating your first Virtual Desktop

  • Topic 1:  Who are the Clients
  • Topic 2:  Managing View™ Desktops Overview
  • Topic 3:  Virtual Machine Desktop Considerations HOL
  • Topic 4:  Display Protocols

Chapter 6:  Deploying Virtual Desktops

  • Topic 1:  Sizing and Configuration
  • Topic 2:  Unified Access – Managing Non-VMware Desktops HOL
  • Topic 3:  Automated Desktop Pools HOL
  • Topic 4:  Managing Desktop Pools HOL
  • Topic 5:  Scripting Pool Management
  • Topic 6:  Kiosk Mode

Chapter 7:  Client Configuration

  • Topic 1:  Client Access
  • Topic 2:  VMware View™ Client  HOL
  • Topic 3:  Thin Clients
  • Topic 4:  Local Mode

Chapter 8:  Printing and Persona Management

  • Topic 1:  Roaming Profiles & Persona Management HOL
  • Topic 2:  Using Persona Management on Physical Desktops
  • Topic 3:  Migrating Profiles from XP to Windows 7
  • Topic 4:  Thin Print HOL
  • Topic 5:  Location-Based Printing HOL

Chapter 9:  Load Balancing and Replica Servers

  • Topic 1:  Scaling Out with Replica Connection Servers  HOL
  • Topic 2:  Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance

Chapter 10:  Security and Remote Access

  • Topic 1:  Port Utilization
  • Topic 2:  SSL Certificates
  • Topic 3:  Security Roles and Administration
  • Topic 4:  Managing Remote Users HOL
  • Topic 5:  Controlling Desktops by Connection Server  
  • Topic 6:  Two Factor Authentication

Chapter 11:  VMware ThinApp

  • Topic 1:  ThinApp Overview and Installation
  • Topic 2:  ThinApp Operation
  • Topic 3:  Deploying the Application  HOL
  • Topic 4:  Customizing the Application
  • Topic 4:  Testing and Updating  HOL
  • Topic 5:  Capturing Internet Explorer 6.0  HOL
  • Topic 6:  Integrating ThinApp with View™  HOL
  • Topic 7:  Troubleshooting and Best Practices

Chapter 12: Monitoring VMware and View

  • Topic 1:  Tools for Optimization
  • Topic 2:  VM Performance Monitoring  HOL
  • Topic 3:  Resource Pools  
  • Topic 4:  Configuring Alarms  HOL
  • Topic 5:  ESX and vCenter Logs  HOL


VMware Horizon View 6 Ultimate Bootcamp Certification Information

Certified Virtualization Desktop Expert®

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today’s increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Sure, the student knows that he/she has the skills to do the job, but how do they convince potential customers and employers? For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.

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Certification Price

The cost of the Certified Virtualization Desktop Expert® certification is $195.00. Testing is available at authorized VMTraining testing centers throughout the world. Click here to purchase a certification exam voucher.


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