Candidates for this examination typically work in one of two areas; most candidates are responsible, at some level, for the security of their infrastructure in that:

  • they are managing their security staff and are implementing the daily security initiatives of the virtualized and physical environment. Or
  • they are working in the Virtual Infrastructure environment where they are responsible for the implementation and configuration of virtualized servers using VMware ESXi and VMware VirtualCenter.

Invariably their organizations have a pressing duty to provide a secure environment for their clients while utilizing VMware ESXi and VMware VirtualCenter.

Candidates should have 6 months to a year of experience in monitoring, analyzing and planning the use of VMware ESXi in a medium-size to enterprise-size computing environment. Candidates should also have at least 6 months experience in security planning and implementation in a medium-size to enterprise-size computing environment.

Learning Process
The qualified candidate for this examination would have learned all aspects of planning, architecting, installation, configuration, deployment, analyzing, backing up, monitoring and securing a VMware Virtual Infrastructure consisting of ESXi hosts and the virtual machines created on them. Candidates would also have the unique understanding of how a hacker breaks into the VMware virtual environment. Candidates become qualified to take this certification examination by attending one of the Advanced VMware® Security classes worldwide.

Certified Virtualization Security Expert® Objective

The objective of the Certified Virtualization Security Expert (CVSE®) designation is to confer upon the certificate holder the best-of-breed virtual infrastructure security professional certification. The CVSE® conveys that the individual, who merits this certification, does not just deserve the certification through merely the examination process. More importantly, it assures in-depth knowledge related to virtual security, virtual design, maintenance, infrastructure management, expertise in the field of virtualization and that his/her training is current, relevant and complete.

Scope of the Examination

The examination aims to test candidates from the following segments as taught in the Advanced VMware Security course. There is a total of 80 questions and candidates have 2 hours to complete the test.

Certification – The Goal

Certification assures that recipients have the skills-set to perform the following tasks:

  • Administer a VMware Infrastructure
  • Perform a Penetration Test against a VMware Infrastructure
  • Have a sound understanding of the routing performed in a vSS or vDS
  • Understand the security designs built into a VMware infrastructure
  • Properly setup the Remote DataStore
  • Fully harden the ESXi host and entire VMware environment

Certification – The Benefits

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities and jobs. In today\’s increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Granted the student knows that he/she has the skills to do the job, but nevertheless they still have to convince potential customers and employers as to their prowess. For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.

For IT professionals, it is recognized as a valuable asset to prove professional credentials to employers and the general public. For others, the topic can generate a puzzled response. Why become certified? Isn’t a college degree and/or years of practical hands-on experience enough to establish one’s credentials? Either response of yes or no is correct, depending on your clientele and colleagues.

The Path to CVSE® Certification

  • Attend an Official Advanced VMware Security Ultimate Bootcamp® Course prior to taking the test.
  • Pass the proctored examination with a score of 75% or better.

Certification Price

The cost of the Certified Virtualization Security Expert® certification is $295.00. Testing is available at authorized VMTraining testing centers throughout the world. Click here to purchase a certification exam voucher.